Thousands of homes around the globe have been beautified with Morning Star Bamboo Flooring.
At Morning Star, we make high-quality bamboo flooring, crafted from mature bamboo to exacting specifications, finished with a factory-applied seven-coat process and ready to be installed in any home. We care about the environment. Like you, we continually seek to be responsible citizens in the global community and use resources wisely and conservatively. That's part of the reason we create flooring from bamboo instead of hardwood. While bamboo is uniquely beautiful, it's also a fast-growing plant that's actually tougher than many woods when allowed to mature. And while a tree can take 70 years or more to replace, our bamboo stalks regrow every four to six years. By harvesting only four-to-six-year-old "old-growth" bamboo, we create flooring with increased hardness, so it will better withstand the rigors of everyday life in your home. Our factory-applied seven-coat finish includes two layers of tough, scratch-resistant aluminum oxide. And for your peace of mind, all Morning Star Bamboo Flooring products come with a 30-year warranty – that's twice as long as the warranties offered by many other bamboo flooring manufacturers. Incidentally, this catalog is printed on paper made with 100% post-consumer recycled fiber (see the Environmental Impact Statement on our back cover).

Morning Star Bamboo Flooring is one of the home improvement industry's best kept secrets, but I'm trying to change that. In my work as a designer and television host, I have the chance to see some pretty eye-opening things, and to work with some really cool people, products and companies. Whenever I have a chance to choose or recommend bamboo flooring, I choose Morning Star. That's because the people at Morning Star Bamboo Flooring care about what they're doing, and it shows in the awesome, beautiful products they make. Morning Star uses mature bamboo that's been growing for at least four years, so it's had more time to harden. Their flooring is naturally beautiful even without any staining, and they finish all their flooring with a seven-coat process to make it tough as nails. So let me ask you, are you ready to put down an amazing new bamboo floor in your home? You can't do any better than choosing Morning Star."

"Whenever I have a chance to recommend bamboo flooring, I choose Morning Star."
- Ty Pennington, designer and television host

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